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TransMaxF-500 Transfection Reagent

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Catalog Number : B3500-173
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Catalog NumberProduct SizeUnit-price
Cell Type

Established Cell Lines,

Hard-to-Transfect Cells, Primary Cells, Stem Cells

Sample Type (Specific) Plasmid DNA, RNAi Plasmids (shRNA, miR), Synthetic siRNA
Transfection TechniqueLipid-Based Transfection
Serum CompatibleYes
Shelf life24months from date of manufacture
Shipping ConditionWet Ice
Storage conditions2–8°C. Do not freeze

BIOEXPLORER® TransMaxF-500 Transfection Reagent continues to innovate on the basis of previous generations.Including the most advanced liposome nanoparticle technology, this reagent can enhance cell activity while pursuing higher transfection efficiency. It is widely applicable to difficult and common cell types (such as HEK)293 and Hela cells.


Provides excellent performance to achieve a high transfection efficiency for difficult transfected cell lines

Very low cytotoxicity

Compared with other transfection agents, the transfection efficiency is higher and the dosage is lower

Applicable to a wider range of cells, effectively transfect difficult transfected cell lines

Effectively Transfected Cell Types

Lung cancer cells (A549, nci-h460); Osteosarcoma cells (u-2 OS, saos-2);Colon cancer cells (Caco2, SW480); Pancreatic cancer cells (panc-1);Skin melanoma cells (sk-mel-28);Fibroblasts (3T3, cos-7);Hepatocytes (HepG2, HuH7) erythroleukemia cells (K562);Breast cancer (MCF7, HS578T); Prostate cancer (LNCap);Myoblasts (C2C12, L6 crl-1458)


Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than the intended use may be a violation of local law.

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