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TRoZol LS Reagent Total RNA Extraction Reagent in Liquid Sample
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Catalog Number : B6010-021
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Catalog NumberProduct SizeUnit-price

Downstream   Application

Cloning,Northern Blotting,

Nuclease Protection Assays,

Real-Time,Quantitative PCR(qPCR),

Reverse Transcriptase PCR (RT-PCR),

cDNA Library Construction

Final   Product

Total   RNA,Transcriptome RNA,

micro RNA

High Throughput   Compatibility

Not High   

Throughput-Compatible (Manual)

Isolation   TechnologyOrganic   Extraction
Number of   Reaction200Preps
Purification   Time1 hr
Sample   Type (General)Blood,Liquid   Samples (e.g. Serum),Viral Samples
Shipping   ConditionRoom   Temperature

Storage conditions

Room Temperature(protect from light)

Shelf life

24months from date of manufacture

Starting   Material (Amount)250 µl to   1 ml liquid samples (suggested range; scalable)
Yield (up   to)8 mg

BIOEXPLORER® TRoZol LS reagent is a reagent that directly extracts total RNA from liquid samples derived from people, plants and animals, yeast, bacteria and viruses. It can also extract total RNA from animal tissues, plant materials, various microorganisms and cultured cells. This method has a good separation effect on a small number of tissues (50-100mg) and cells (5x106) as well as a large number of tissues (≧1g) and cells (>1×107). The sample is fully cleaved in TRoZol LS to maximize RNA integrity. After chloroform was added for centrifugation, the solution was divided into three layers: the upper colorless aqueous phase, the middle layer, and the lower red organic phase. RNA was distributed in the supernatant layer. After collecting the supernatant, total RNA can be recovered by isopropanol precipitation. The extracted total RNA had good integrity and was free of protein and DNA contamination, which could be used in various molecular biology routine experiments, such as RT-PCR, Real-time RT PCR, Northern Blot, Dot Blot, In vitro Translation, etc.

BIOEXPLORER® TRoZol LS reagent can promote the precipitation of various RNA of different species and different molecular weight sizes. For example, RNA agarose gel electrophoresis from rat liver and ethyl bromide staining showed many discontinuous stripe of high molecular weight (mRNA and hnRNA components) between 7kb and 15kb, two dominant ribosomes -5kb (28S) -2kb (18S), and low molecular weight =RNA between 0.1 and 0.3   kb(tRNA, 5S). When the extracted RNA was diluted with TE, its A260/A280 ratio was 1.8. (note that if agarose gel electrophoresis is used, the position of 28S is about 2kb, and the position of 18S is about 1kb. The gel position varies greatly with different concentrations.)


Maintain RNA integrity.

High stability, easy to keep, long validity.

Efficient operation is simple and quick.

RNA, DNA and proteins were extracted from a single sample.

Reliable purified RNA can be obtained from a variety of samples.

Formulated for use with liquid samples such as serum and virus preparations

Offers excellent lysis capability, even with difficult biological fluids .


Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than the intended use may be a violation of local law.

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