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Catalog Number : B1580-071
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Catalog NumberB1580-071
Product Size100ML
Alternative NamesMethyl sulfinylmethane, Methyl sulfoxide
Molecular FormulaC2H6SO
Molecular Weight78.13
Density1.101 g/mL
CAS Number67-68-5
Storage conditionsRoom Temperature
Shipping conditionsRoomTemperature
Shelf life24months from date of manufacture
Reagent TypeSolvent (Pure)

BIOEXPLORER®Life Scienses Dimethyl sulfoxide(DMSO) is an important osmotic cell protectant. During the cryopreservation of cells at deep low temperature (-200 ° C), it is necessary to use a cryopreservation agent containing DMSO in order to prevent damage caused by the formation of liquid ice crystals inside cells, changes in osmotic pressure, and disorders of cell structure. DMSO can quickly penetrate cell membranes into cells, reduce freezing point, delay freezing process, and meanwhile improve intracellular ion concentration, reduce the formation of intracellular ice crystals, thereby reducing cell damage. The cytotoxicity of dimethyl sulfoxide was inhibited at low temperatures. Remove dimethyl sulfoxide as soon as possible after resuscitation, or it will cause severe cellular toxicity. Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) is the best cryopreservation preservative, but it is also a highly cytotoxic chemical assay. The results showed that when the concentration of DMSO in culture medium was 10%, the inhibition rate of cell growth was nearly 100%.


Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than the intended use may be a violation of local law.

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