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Superpure Distilled Water DNase/RNase-Free
Price: $11.00Catalog Number: B1275-136
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Catalog Number B1275-136

Purity or Quality Grade

DNase-Free, Molecular BiologyGrade, Protease-Free, RNase-Free
Sterility Sterile
Product Size 500ML
Unit-Price($) 11.0
Triple 0.1µm sterile-filtered
Storage conditions 15 – 30°C
Shipping Condition Room Temperature
Sample Treatment Not DEPC-Treated

BIOEXPLORER® Superpure DNase/RNase-Free Distilled Water DistilledWater is designed for use in all molecular biology applications. It is 0.1-µmmembrane-filtered and tested for DNase and RNase activity.Performance and quality testingNo DNase,RNase, or protease activity detected. Our distilled water system is routinelymonitored for compliance with current USP monograph test requirements for Waterfor Injection (WFI).


Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than theintended use may be a violation of local law.

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