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BIOEXPLORER® LifeSciences was born in Carolina, USA in 1989. The company is committed to theresearch and production of cell culture products. Its products mainly includehigh-quality fetal bovine serum, cell culture medium, cell proliferationdetection reagents, cell transfection reagents and other Reagents related tocell culture, serving the cell therapy,, gene therapy, biopharmaceuticals. Wehave gradually become a comprehensive biological company with high-qualityproducts, excellent and personalized services.

When we started our marketing campaign inColorado, the goal was to provide products that the biotechnology communityacross the state needed. Due to continuous and progressive success, BIOEXPLORER® Life Sciences gradually expands its production and marketing team.After more than ten years of hard work, our business can meet the needs of theentire United States. After many business expansions, we began to providebusiness services to other countries in the world. We also started to have a14,000 square foot production facility with more than 16,000 employeesworldwide. Today BIOEXPLORER® Life Sciences is not onlythe world's leading supplier of cell culture media, serum and other reagents,but also a leader in the scientific community across academic research,biotechnology, cell and gene therapy, and biopharmaceuticals.Formed a mature,global sales team and international distribution network to serve laboratoriesaround the world. In May 2018, BelHealth Investment Partners, a medical privateequity firm, invested in BIOEXPLORER® LifeSciences. The new team led by CEO Aiden · William led thecompany through an exciting chapter. As the investment grows, we will have anew 27,000 square foot production facility. During the growth of the company,we have maintained excellent service throughout. Samples and orders are usuallyprocessed and shipped on the day the customer requests, so that the customercan receive the order the next day. Our sales team also regularly visitscustomers regularly.With our joint efforts, we look forward to a bettertomorrow for BIOEXPLORER® Life Sciences.

BIOEXPLORER®LifeSciences于1989年在美国卡罗莱纳诞生。公司致力于细胞培养产品的研究和生产。产品主要包括优质胎牛血清、细胞培养液、细胞增殖检测试剂、细胞转染试剂及其他与细胞培养有关的试剂,服务于细胞治疗、基因治疗、生物制药等领域。我们已逐渐成为一家以高品质的产品、优质的个性化服务为一体的综合性生物公司。当我们在科罗拉多州开始营销活动时,我们的目标是提供全州生物技术社区需要的产品。由于不断进步的成功,BIOEXPLORER®生命科学逐步扩大其生产和营销团队。经过十多年的艰苦努力,我们的业务能够满足全美国的需求。经过多次业务扩张,我们开始向世界其他国家提供商务服务。我们开始在全球拥有14000平方英尺的生产设施和16000多名员工。今天,BIOEXPLORER®生命科学不仅是世界领先的细胞培养液、血清和其他试剂的供应商,而且还是学术研究、生物技术、细胞和基因治疗以及生物制药领域的科学界领导者。建立了成熟的全球销售团队和国际分销网络,为世界各地的实验室提供服务。2018年5月,医疗私人股权投资公司BelHealth Investment Partners投资BIOEXPLORER®LifeSciences。由CEO艾登·威廉领导的新团队带领公司走过了激动人心的一章。随着投资的增加,我们将新建27,000平方英尺的生产设施。在公司发展的过程中,我们始终保持着优质的服务。样品和订单通常在客户请求的当天处理和发送,以便客户可以在第二天收到订单。我们的销售团队也会定期拜访客户。在我们的共同努力下,我们期待BIOEXPLORER®生命科学更美好的明天。