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TransMaxR-100 Transfection Reagent
Price: $196.00Catalog Number: B3100-180
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Catalog Number Product Size Unit-price
B3100-180 0.3ML ($)196.0
B3100-181 0.75ml ($)321.0
B3100-182 1.5ml ($)571.0
Cell Type Established Cell Lines, Hard-to-Transfect Cells, Primary Cells, Stem Cells
Sample Type (Specific) Plasmid DNA, RNAi Plasmids (shRNA, miR), Synthetic siRNA
Transfection Technique Lipid-Based Transfection
Serum Compatible
High Throughput Compatibility High Throughput-Compatible
Shelf life    24months from date of manufacture
Shipping Condition Wet Ice

Storage conditions

2–8°C. Do not freeze

BIOEXPLORER® TransMaxR-100 Transfection Reagent is a unique RNAi specific cationic liposome Transfection Reagent. It is recommended for Transfection of siRNA, microRNA(miRNA), mimic, inhibitor and other small RNA fragments into animal cells (including various cell lines, primary cells, suspension cells, insect cells, etc.). This product can be transported at room temperature. It has shown good RNA transfection efficiency and low cytotoxicity in various cell lines.


High transfection efficiency, low required RNAi concentration, better gene inhibition, and minimal non-specific effects

It has excellent transfection efficiency against miRNA antagonists and mimics

Low cytotoxicity, easy to optimize

Can be used in many cell types

Simple, high-throughput, ready-to-use transfection


Not for human or animal therapeutic use. Uses other than the intended use may be a violation of local law.

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