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Horse Serum
Price: $86.00Catalog Number: BH1640-105
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Catalog Number



New Zealand



Product Size




Storage Temperature

-5 to -20℃


Yellow Liquid

Shipping Condition

Dry Ice


Five years from the date of production

BIOEXPLORER® horse serum is made from healthy horse blood, collected sterile in a closed system, and filtered through micropores. Equine serum has higher protein and less trace metal than fetal bovine serum. It can be used as a substitute of fetal bovine serum in some applications. It is one of the important media for hospitals, scientific research institutions, animal vaccines and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Scope Of Application

1,Antibody response to sheep red blood cell (SRBC) was maintained in 10% of horse serum.

2,Horse serum, often combined with bovine serum or used alone, can be used as a supplement for mammalian cell culture and has been used as a supplement for culture of pheochromocytoma cells and retinal cells, among others.

3,Suitable for cell, tissue and organ culture, cell line preservation, monoclonal antibody development, diagnostic test, as a supplement to mycoplasma growth and test medium, as well as for the culture of hematopoietic stem cells and neurons.

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