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Horse Serum Heat Inactivated
Price: $103.00Catalog Number: BH1640-115
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New Zealand



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Storage Temperature

-5 to -20℃


Yellow Liquid

Shipping Condition

Dry Ice


Five years from the date of production

BIOEXPLORER® horse serum is made from healthy horse blood, collected sterile in a closed system, and filtered through micropores. Equine serum has higher protein and less trace metal than fetal bovine serum. It can be used as a substitute of fetal bovine serum in some applications. It is one of the important media for hospitals, scientific research institutions, animal vaccines and bio-pharmaceutical manufacturers.

This was accomplished by raising the serum temperature to 56℃ and maintaining it for 30 minutes. Heat inactivation destroys the complement, ensuring that the cell binds to the antibody without lysis.

Scope Of Application

1,Antibody response to sheep red blood cell (SRBC) was maintained in 10% of horse serum.

2,Horse serum, often combined with bovine serum or used alone, can be used as a supplement for mammalian cell culture and has been used as a supplement for culture of pheochromocytoma cells and retinal cells, among others.

3,Suitable for cell, tissue and organ culture, cell line preservation, monoclonal antibody development, diagnostic test, as a supplement to mycoplasma growth and test medium, as well as for the culture of hematopoietic stem cells and neurons.

4,Heat inactivated serum is recommended for immunological studies, culture of ES cells or insect cells, etc.


Only used for scientific research, not for clinical diagnosis and treatment.

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